Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Top 3 Ways to Make Money with AdSense

Every day thousands of individuals are creating a killing on AdSense, and with somewhat improvement you'll improve your earnings too.

1. It’s All concerning the Keywords

With Google AdSense, selecting the proper keywords will create or break you. Once writing diary content, you wish to confirm that you just are targeting keywords with the best CPC (cost per click). One among the simplest tools is Google's own Keyword Planner found in Google AdWords. This tool offers you help in handling estimate payment for sure keywords by the advertisers.

Targeting specific keywords assists you to influence the kind of advertisements that are shown to your guests, creating them additional doubtless to click the ad. However, take care to not over-stuff your content with keywords; Google will and can penalize your web site.

Choosing the proper keywords is what Google AdSense all is concerning.

2. Optimize the scale and Position of Ads

When using your own diary, you have the choice to customize wherever you would like to position your advertisements. Experimenting with positions can make sure that you're obtaining the simplest click through rate.

AdSense advertisements are available in a range of sizes, creating it simple to optimize your earnings. Running split tests on your website will assist you decide what sizes of ads cause you to the foremost cash?

We advocate beginning out with the oblong 336X280 ads. The ads during this format will play video advertisements that are usually established to convert additional guests.

3. Don’t Spam the Ads

Everybody has been to a website therefore engorged with advertisements that it had been un-readable. Don’t create identical mistake. It’s sensible observe to keep up a pleasant magnitude relation between content and advertisements on your website. The final thing you wish to try to is create your guests leave by bombarding them with pop-ups.

The logic behind having a large amount of ads is that guests are additional doubtless to click on one among your ads. However, it's usually not the case. Several guests become irritated, they simply either leave or scan the content, then leave initially likelihood.

Friday, 23 October 2015

Negative Search Listing Results Cause Grief, Damage Your Personal Brand Image and Impact Your Sales

Now days, it is common activity among people to check information related to any business and individual on search engines. They trust information they find on search engines, whether it is validated or not. With that being said, it becomes painfully obvious that it is now very important for businesses – as well as individuals – to have a good online reputation. Negative search results associated with your business and/or your individual name may lead to a bad reputation online. (Have you ever “google’d” your name?)

A negative online reputation may affect you in following ways:

  • Harm new business sales
  • Loss of trust among current customers
  • Loss in brand equity
  • Increase in insurance premiums
  • Loss of insurance coverage

Hi, my name is Anthony L Semadeni. People call me “Tony” (or if I’m lucky, “Mr. Tony Semadeni” instead of “Hey Buddy!”) I’ve been working with local business owners over that past 10 years, helping them navigate the new ways of marketing their businesses in the Internet Age. The topic of online reputation is “hot” these days, and I wanted to share some insights with you that may just save “your name” and your business!

Way back in 2013 (Internet time flies faster than normal time), published an article entitled, How An Online Reputation Can Hurt Your Job Hunt, which discussed some of the facts of this growing issue for concern:

If you are looking for a job, you need to be aware of your digital footprint – the information connected with your name online. Companies and recruiters routinely check search engine results to learn more about potential employees.

In fact, 90% of executive recruiters say they conduct online research of potential candidates, according to ExecuNet. Up to 70% of employers who have used LinkedIn say they’ve chosen not to hire a person based on what they’ve found out about them online. However, only 27% of employers give job seekers the opportunity to discuss the online content that is associated with their name, such as social media profiles, blog posts and photos.

Reputation Risk: Why Is It So Important?
Deloitte recently published its latest Reputation@Risk report, a global survey of hundreds of top executives. The main takeaway from this 2014 report: the importance of reputation risk keeps growing, with 87% of respondents rating it higher than any other strategic risk facing their businesses. The top drivers of reputation risk listed by these executives were ethics or integrity issues, product or service concerns, security (both physical and cyber), and financial issues related to accounting or credit ratings.

Why has reputation become such a strong focus? Because these days it can change almost instantly. Decades ago, a company’s reputation was more or less the sum of what appeared in the mainstream media. That made it easier to control. Today, reputation is influenced to an equal or greater extent by decentralized processes on the Internet: search engine results, online customer reviews, social media activity, Wikipedia pages, and more.

Consumers and other stakeholders look to online sources for information on a company, yet there is no way to ensure that online information is accurate. That means a company’s reputation can be completely side-railed by misinformed blog posts or negative online reviews. That matters because more than 25 percent of a company’s market value is directly attributable to its reputation, according to the World Economic Forum.

Top causes of reputation risk
The Deloitte report makes it clear why top executives pay such close attention to reputation risk: of the respondents who had experienced a previous issue, 41 percent cited loss of revenue and loss of brand value as the biggest impact areas. In addition, as might be expected, the impacts of reputation threats were felt differently across industries:

Greatest Impact
Consumer and industrial products
Revenue and earnings
Life sciences and healthcare
Loss of brand value
Technology, media, and telecom
Stock price change
Energy and resources
Revenue and earnings
Financial services
Regulatory investigation

Protecting You and Your Company
Its no wonder that the majority of Deloitte respondents said they were making reputation risks a priority in the coming year. Of those surveyed, a full 57 percent planned to increase the resources spent on reputation management, by investing in people, data, technology, and the development of reputation risk and crisis management processes. These kinds of preparations are crucial, because reputation threats often appear without warning. News stories and scandals go viral within hours via Facebook, Twitter, blog posts, and other online outlets, so the most successful companies are the ones that are ready before a crisis strikes.

Two Hints to Protect Your Online Identity

  1. If you have specific content online right now that you need to BURY.
Perhaps you have something unflattering out there about you, or you're also being mistaken for an ex-con. Unfortunately, you can't simply remove a result from search engines.
The only way to get rid of a negative result is to bury that result with positive links.
Site owners aren't required to remove it - in fact the law is on their side to keep it up. (And even if they remove it, it's still archived by Google and it may continue to show up).
        => Need Help? Business Checkup’s Damage Control service is your solution! Give us a call.

  1. Leave no room for confusion.
If you have a common name, you risk being mistaken for someone else online. Rather than taking the blame for others’ mistakes, look for ways to differentiate yourself.

For example, someone with the name “Tony Semadeni” who is a Chief Problem Solver, could use “Tony Semadeni, CPS” in online profiles or consider including a middle name or initial or full legal name like “Anthony L Semadeni”. Registering a unique URL with your name – like – or for your social media accounts – like – improves the chances that employers will find your profiles, rather than those of someone else with the same name.

About the Author: Anthony L Semadeni has been consulting with business owners over the past decade, helping them understand the complexities of business marketing and brand awareness in the Internet age. Through his company, Business Checkup, he helps protect owner and business brand reputations. For more information, please visit or call 719-309-4499. Tony can be found at:

Friday, 9 October 2015

Importance of an Professional for making the Advertisments

Advertisements play a very important role in the success of the business. When making the advertisement, one need to be very much smart in designing the advertisements. One need to take the  help of some professional person for designing the suitable advertisements. There may be some people who may think that there is no much requirement of the professional people for getting the advertisements designed. But, in fact it is not like that, there exist lot many reasons which supports the necessity of professional person for advertisement designing

·         Professional people will be able the design the advertisements very aptly
Advertisements should be made very much aptly to the particular business in order to make them more appealing. This is not only required to make the advertisement more appealing, but also it is very much required to make the advertisement meaning full. The business will become successful only when it is very much appealing to the people which can be done with the help of proper advertisements.

·         Professional people will help in drawing the most suitable advertising plans
advertisements can be of any kind. But, the smartness of the business person can be reflected at the usage of the suitable plans for advertising their business. Such smartness need to be shown in order to make the business successful. The professional people are mainly characterized by the smartness in designing the suitable advertising plans. These smartness of the professional people serves very useful to the business persons in making the business concepts reached to the public perfectly.

·         Professional people will see to it that the advertisements are reached properly to the public

The advertisement should be in such a way that they reach to the public in a very proper and correct way. Without which, it would be of no use having such advertisement. In fact, it would be better not to have such advertisements which will mislead the public. In order to see that the advertisements are reached properly to the public, one need to take the help of the professional person who can make the perfect sketch of the advertisements. 

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Benefits of Mobile Sites

The business world is becoming more and more complicated nowadays. Whatsoever the type of business, it is very important to see that the business is marketed properly to the public. Technology plays a vital role in this aspect. One can create the official website for their business. The best part of it is that one can make the mobile site. This creation of the mobile site serves very useful for the promotion of their business. There are various best things about having a mobile site. Now, let us look into those various benefits

Mobiles sites helps in easy accessibility

One of the most best thing about these mobile sites is that one can have easy accessibility. One can use these websites at any time and from any place. One need not go some where in order to find these mobile sites. The only thing which the person should have is the internet connection for getting access to these mobile sites.

Mobile sites helps in quick surfing

With the help of these mobile sites, one can get the required information. One need not search for any desktops or any other such thing. The only thing which the person has to do is that he or she should have access to internet on their mobile.

Mobile sites provides the complete information

It is not that the mobile sites do not provide the complete information of the required thing. One can get the complete information of the required thing within short period of time.

Mobile sites are easy to operate

The operation of these mobile sites is made so easy. The operation of the various options on these mobile sites are made so easy that anyone can operate it very convenient. The display of these mobiles are made in such a way that one can be directed to the right information as per their requirement. Perhaps, the display and options of different websites will be different, one need to know that the operation of the various options of this kind of websites is very easy that anyone can